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SEO Services Sydney - 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Us


To help improve your search engine rankings, our dedicated seo sydney team are search engine optimisation specialists in the following areas to help ensure long lasting results.


1. Website Creation From Scratch


We have proven techniques for search rankings optimisation and building sites according to what Google wants, and get high rankings accordingly. We own and work on hundreds of sites and know what works, and what doesn’t. Our proven track record shows that we have a proven formula of building and ranking sites – many other seo companies in Sydney simply don't get the results we get. So we invite you to take advantage of that seo sydney knowledge and expertise – and work with us to help your business.


2. Content Creation


Unique and high quality content creation; high quality and informative content in a website is the key driving factor that determines whether the target audience will stay on your site and then subsequently come back for more or not. It is through the on page information that web users will decide to stay or go. We know how to make them stay and buy. Of all the seo companies Sydney offers, not many know how to do this effectively.


3. Keyword Research and Analysis


For SEO Sydney experts to better market and optimize your website, keyword research and analysis needs to be conducted to identify your target audience and potential market. We will find you your best converting keywords and sprinkle them throughout your site to gain traction in Google for a range of related keywords


4. Linking Campaigns


You need to get your business out there – and by building an online presence throughout the net with relevant high quality content that links back to your business website – we can help achieve this for you. We have a range of high quality Sydney seo services options that can build your site into an authority site in your industry.


5. Social Media


TheSEOexpertsydney can gain you traction and popularity and traffic via the various top social media channels including Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Many people today use these social media sites to chat and communicate with their friends. Gaining traction through these sites then makes it easier to reach your target audience and drive traffic. We can help you achieve that goal.


6. Site Penalty Recoveries


If you have previously used a dodgy seo services sydney firm and need an seo company sydney that can get your penalized site out of the Google doldrums - we are experts at that too. We will analyze your on page health and also look at your backlink profile and come up with a custom strategy for your website to recover it in the Google rankings. Other SEO companies sydney offer this service but most cannot deliver results. We will get you back up the rankings by making sure your site is loved by Google and has all the seo boxes ticked so you can start ranking for your keywords again.


7. Lead Generation and Sales Conversion


Websites are simply a device for getting leads - and converting them into sales. They are probably the best method of getting high quality targeted leads in history - in terms of return on investment. At The SEO Sydney Expert, we are not only about getting rankings and traffic - but CONVERTING TRAFFIC TO CUSTOMERS! Our proprietary SEO company sydney methods for tracking and conversion mean we are the best in the business at not only getting traffic, but CONVERTING that traffic into enquiries and REAL CUSTOMERS. We have studied the psychology of website design, and why people click, call and enquire, as opposed to moving on to the next site. With over 15 years experience in persuading visitors to become clients - across hundreds of local business and global websites, we have come to learn how people act online - and how to get the click and get the enquiry! This knowledge helps our clients immensely, as we not only get them massive traffic, but we convert that traffic into $$$ for them!


8. Mobile Browser Integration


The current market trends today show that more than 75% of all internet users use hand held smart phone devices or ipads. Due to this reason, we always implement design integration to make sure all pages are accessible through mobile browsers. By making all our client sites Google mobile friendly, we help increase their online exposure and give our clients the advantage.


9. Google Maps/Google places/Google My business Local Listings


The SEO expert can also deliver you all your local Sydney SEO services with regard to the famous Google Local listing "3 Pack" or "snack pack". We know how to get your website ranked high up in the local 3 pack for all your major keywords - and we don't charge extra. This service is included in the full monthly Sydney seo package where we rank your website on both the organic listings and the Google local listings. Get access to all those mobile phone users who just want to tap their mobiles to call for a local service. The extra traffic and leads these 3 pack local listings generate is incredible! We are the seo company in Sydney that knows how to deliver results with local listings for ALL of our clients.


10. We rank sites. We deliver.


****As of 1st October 2020 - We are once again taking on new clients in Sydney – but SEO services Sydney client slots will remain limited – we want to keep high quality control and by limiting our client numbers we can continue to deliver extraordinary results with a high level of personal service. So get in now while slots are available. Due to the recent high demand for our services we cannot guarantee this availability in the future. You can also visit our partner SEO company in Melbourne.


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